Ceres is a renowned champion of the 100% fruit juice category, offering a range of exotic

100% fruit juice blends, making it a destination for the informed shopper who intends on buying

a premium brand that delivers on taste and quality. Ceres fruit juice provide the very best in

natural goodness that Mother Nature has to offer, thanks to the fact that the juices are carefully

made with fruit grown in the lush Ceres valley – the perfect place to grow juice. The striking

pack designs with bright imagery leans itself to easy merchandising and beautiful displays. The

various flavours complies with basic consumer preferences but it’s the exotic flavour blends

Product features:

  • 100% Fruit Juice
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • High in nutrition and rich in Vitamin C
  • World renowned for its uncompromising quality
  • Wide range of exotic blends
  • Select flavors available in 200ml pack size